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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • joeglen3
    08-08 11:10 PM
    My I-140 was approved April 30,2007. The appoval letter indicated that not yet elligible for change of status. The I-485 was returned together with the checks we paid. Please clarify and what can I do next other than waiting?

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  • fatjoe
    10-25 03:06 PM
    As per Murthy's site, we can apply for an interim EAD after 75 days of filing. Has anybody had any luck in getting Interim EAD from local USCIS after 75 days. Do they encourage 75 days period to get EAD. Pls let me know.

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  • sounakc
    05-27 11:46 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I am traveling to canada for a conference. My H1-B is stamped on my old passport valid till 2012. In January 2010 I obtained a new passport from the indian embassy chicago as my old passport was getting expired. I will be traveling with both the passports.

    Is it mandatory to transfer the visa from old to new pasport ?

    Please help,


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  • chanduv23
    11-09 03:21 PM
    Thanks for your support Ms. Reddy
    We are hoping that all of us with realize that the time is NOW to act for ourselves and not wait for someone else to do it.

    Really inspiring indeed.


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  • puskeygadha
    11-26 11:01 AM
    Hi I received receipt for I-485. Can you please help me with the EAD application? I have the questions

    1) Can I do this electronically?
    2) which service center should I send EAD application to? 485 sent to Texas
    3) DO I need copy of original receipt or printout from the website is fine
    4) Can I file for only 485 and file the AP later.
    5) What documents DO I need
    6) Do I need to pay filing fee?

    Help will be highly appreciated


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  • rpatel
    06-05 02:50 PM
    If I understand it right.. The whole House of Reps is up for re-elections every 2 years and 1/3 senate members get reelected at the same interval too...

    Does any one know what happens to pending bills at the time of elections..Specifically regarding S2611...If say the conference committee reaches a compromise just before elections but for some reason they dont get to take a vote on it... Does the new senate and house carry the bill forward from that point or does the bill gets reset ?


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  • WaitingForMyGC
    01-29 11:14 AM
    Its a mundane process. Do not worry or get over excited about it. Your application is just getting a free ride from Texas to Nebraska. Just wish it a safe journey:-)

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  • dan19
    03-22 10:44 PM


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-27 08:30 AM

    Article by Frank Aquila of Bloomberg BusinessWeek who underscores several reasons why lifting the cap on H-1B petitions is essential for US Tech growth including the fact that "The U.S. Labor Dept. estimates that by 2014, 2 million high-tech jobs will go unfilled simply because the cap on H-1B visas has not been raised."

    Read Article (http://www.businessweek.com/investor/content/jan2011/pi20110118_876603.htm)

    More... (http://ashwinsharma.com/2011/01/25/bloomberg-businessweek-article---h-1b-visas-a-modest-proposal-for-immigration-reform.aspx?ref=rss)

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  • augustus
    09-19 06:07 PM
    Dear All,

    I just have one thing to say to you all. You did bring attention and top newspapers covered our plight. I am seeing newspaper articles from NYT, Business week, BBC and Washington post.

    Remember everybody, It takes mighty work to shake this, and we did that mighty work and I think you shouldn't be overcritical and wait for the fruits of labor to bloom.

    We will do it one day........ we shall overcome one day... :-)

    Just keep this passion going, if steam fizzles out, everything will flatten out and we will have to be on this all over again, so never let that happen.

    Best wishes,


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  • kumar26fl
    10-21 02:52 PM
    You have informed IV, that is more than enough :D

    On a serious note, you just have to inform your (dependent's) employer and provide them a copy of your unexpired EAD. Thats it! The employer may require you to fill a new I9 form.

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  • Pagal
    06-14 06:30 AM
    Go IV!


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  • sanhari
    11-19 04:36 PM
    Legal immigrants and visa recapture in the dream act

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 05:31 AM
    I am working for a MNC and I got L1 visa stamped. After marriage I got my H4 visa stamped.(After L1 stamping) But the Visa officials have not marked the L1 visa cancelled in the passport, does it mean that the Visa is still valid? Does that mean that i can still travel on my L1 visa?

    If your L1 petition is still valid (not withdrawn by employer) and you intend to work for that employer (ie. fullfill all other L1 requirements) then yes, you can still travel on L1 and maintain L1 status in the US.


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  • jamesbabooli
    02-04 02:18 AM
    If you really want to learn "C". Then I suggest you to purchase a book first.
    Book name is "Let Us 'C'". This is a good for the beginners.

    Clear your basics from this book and move towards C++ then C#.

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  • sw33t
    07-27 03:34 PM

    WHO: U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas
    WHEN: Thursday,August 9,
    Lunch: 11:30 a.m.
    Speech: 12:30 p.m.
    WHERE: Lakeway Inn, New Glass Ballroom
    SPONSOR: Rotary Club/Lakeway
    Lake Travis
    COST: $250 per table of 10,
    or $25 per individual

    10 Tables are being reserved
    for Rotary & Guests
    20 Table reservations will
    be taken and must be paid for
    by July 27, 2007!

    Please PM me if you are interested.


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  • kirupa
    07-15 11:54 PM
    Added :)

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  • GC4US
    06-25 01:05 PM
    Can somebody help me on this one:

    Regarding the receipt notice of I-485: which is the difference between the receipt date, receipt number and receipt notice.....from my understanding....the receipt date is when your I-485 application hits Uscis and the receipt notice is when the Uscis is really opening your package and looking at it?

    Is it safe to travel( with valid H1b) knowing that your file hits the Uscis...or you have to wait for the receipt notice( now with so many filers for July, is it true that Uscis will send the receipt notice very late, maybe months, I mean later than the June filers.)?

    Is it safe to travel after you file for I-485 and before getting the receipt notice....hoping that the receipt will come after you returned to U.S?

    Thank you so much...I'm so confused about this receipt notice, I didn' find any law regarding this, that you can not travel witout receipt notice.

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  • Janisaris
    09-21 08:47 AM
    My Checks enchased by USCIS 2 days back.
    Application was sent to Nebraska.

    When will I receive Receipt and EAD?

    When did you file?

    01-24 10:07 AM

    03-18 10:22 PM
    My company has been going through layoffs for the past 3 quarters and are unable to start my GC process. I believe they have to wait for 6 months before they go forward and apply. I am talking about a big company with different departments like operations, marketing and most of the layoffs are happening in these, but recruitment is active in IT. They are regularly recruiting new resources and increasing the head count.
    I have following questions:
    1) Can my company show that the layoffs are happening in different depts and go ahead and process my GC?
    2) What is the risk in doing so.
    3) Anyone experiencing a similar situation and could successfully get their GC process started and have approved labor/I140?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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