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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

funny naruto

images funny naruto - Naruto Fan Art funny naruto. funny naruto comics
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  • salvador marley
    04-27 05:42 PM
    yep it seems dead does this one

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  • Craz
    03-08 09:38 PM
    I just finished my website, you can check it out here (http://www.allourstuff.com/crazdesigns).

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  • coopheal
    08-21 05:58 PM
    Immigration Law Headlines Has Just Posted the Following:

    More... (http://www.ilw.com/immigrationdaily/news/2010,0820-fees.shtm)

    Timeliness of this rule making proves critics of USCIS wrong. USCIS is a efficient organization after all. So what USCIS wasted ton of EB visas, and is taking for ever to issue a memo on same or similar job...... :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Also Obamaji its gr8 that you put additional fee on H1B so that you can protect border crossing. How about putting the additional penalty on people employing undocumented folks? You could not even bring the CIR on the floor but you were able to pass penalties against skilled workers so quickly.

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  • amitga
    09-13 10:25 AM
    Those who are planning to park cars at meto station, please reach the station early in the morning. The parking at metro station will get filled up quickly.

    Also keep the details of nearest park and ride lot, so that if the parking at the station is full, then you can park at park and ride lots


    funny naruto. funny naruto comics
  • funny naruto comics

  • gconmymind
    01-15 07:12 PM
    I have voted but dont see any use. The sample size is just too small to make any inference.

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  • Funny Naruto Comic Page 2 by

  • excogitator
    10-18 11:37 AM
    I don't see any limitation here. Very creative :) I like them all.


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  • Tagged: naruto, naruto

  • nixstor
    03-02 07:26 PM
    Looks like already two dick less Basterds visited this (who left -ve rep for me)

    Our intention at IV is not to control any one's speech.

    Dont you have any thing else better to do other than instigating another group of people?

    Is this what the great state of AP and Telugu culture taught you?

    As a fellow Andhrite, I feel ashamed with your choice of words.

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  • pani_6
    03-19 04:08 PM
    what are they saying


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  • Naruto | Tags: naruto

  • REEF�
    05-30 01:28 PM
    The text is a bit hard to read, but I really like the rest of itOh comon you're just too lazy it's perfectly readable :sure:.

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-17 12:13 AM
    I am in a confused situation, any thoughts / guidelines are greatly appreciated..

    The question is : If my h1 is with company A and my GC is applied for future employment by company B, can I use EAD to take up full time employment with company C (or Self) ?

    The full story is : The client company, I am working with is processing my GC for future employment. 485 was applied and I received EAD. It has come up that the current employer has an agreement with the client that , the client should not employ any of their employees for 1 yr after the termination. So, I need to quit the current employment, work else where for a year and then join the GC sponsering company.The I140 will not be revoked.

    Since I am not currently working for GC sponsring company, does any of the AC21 issues matter ?

    Thanks in advance

    yes you can take up employment with C. If you get an RFE at any point within the next 180 days make sure B can give you an employment offer letter. post 180 days you can invoke AC-21 if you want and use C as your GC-Sponsoring employer.


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  • pappu
    02-05 10:57 PM
    Hi all,

    I am on H4 for the past few years. This year I am planning to switch to H1. A consulting firm of only 5 employees is willing to sponsor my H1. I would like to know the chances of my H1 getting approved. Because the company is small am I going to face any problems? What will be the impact of the size of the company on H1 approvals.

    I would really appreciate your inputs because this time I want to resume my career again and I don't want to have any problems with H1.


    find out about their ability to pay you so that they don't exploit you. If you are planning to apply for Greencard then this is very important.

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  • gc28262
    12-01 08:08 AM
    Nebraska Service Center mailed I-131 approval notices for me and my wife on 28th Oct. But we never received them. Its been a month now. So, I called USCIS today morning and they say I need to reapply for I-131 for my whole family because some one else might have picked it up.

    I called up post office. They say they have no mails on hold.

    Is reapplying the only way out?

    This happened with me with Texas service center. They insisted they had sent it. But in reality they never sent it. I was told the same "You need to apply for a fresh one. That is the only way out of it." I was determined not to pay fees a second time for no fault of mine.

    Details below. (Not sure about NSC though)



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  • permfiling
    03-03 09:11 PM
    I thought of saying "new wife" :-)

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  • ssingh462
    09-29 09:23 AM
    What is the H1 premium processing fee and what is the regular processing fee ?


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  • pmamp
    04-05 08:26 PM
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    You dont have to apply for a COS as long as she is leaving US before her current I-94 expires. However, note that when she goes for her H4 interview, she might be asked to prove her H1 status by showing her employment details (recent pay checks, tax documents..) in addition to your employment documents before they give her the H4 Visa...This happened with one of my friends at Chennai embassy...Just wanted to give you a heads up on that....

    dresses Funny naruto comic funny naruto. FUNNY NARUTO

  • pianojangee
    10-11 10:12 PM
    I don't think F-1 is dual intent. F-1 is non-immigrant visa. Dual intent means, even though the visa it self is non-immigrant but it has intent to change to immigrant visa, such as H-1B Temporary worker and K-1 Fiance visa.
    For more accurate answer, consult an immigration attorney.


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  • agaballa
    01-29 02:43 PM
    Here is the situation:
    I-485 is pending
    H1 Visa will expire on July 31, 2009 (extension is being filled now)
    AP is pending for 6 months with no end in sight...
    No EAD

    Need to travel in end of June for a month:
    my question is
    Can I travel on AP when my H1 petition is pending?? (I do not expect that I will get it before I leave, it took more than 6 months last time). I read in many places that if you apply for H1 petition you cannot leave till it is approved, is that true???

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  • for_gc
    04-12 02:13 PM
    I am from Memphis too. Let me know if we need to organize something.

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  • iad2ead
    01-15 07:35 PM
    Looks like approved folks don't seem to visit this site.. hence low numbers..

    06-22 05:18 PM

    The "Time as Resident in a USCIS District" clause in the naturalization process says that "Most people must live in the USCIS District or State in which they are applying for at least 3 months before applying".

    If you have gone thru this process could you please tell if this means that
    a. the person must have stayed for at least 3 months during any time during of the residency period to be eligible to apply in that district


    b. the person must live in the district for at least 3 months immediately preceding the naturalization application (for example, if applying in July 2010 then must be present in that state/district at least since Apr 2010)

    The reason I'm asking is that I know people who live in India after GC and then come return to get citizenship...so wondering how it worked...

    07-18 10:55 PM
    i am switching employers and i have about 10k in my 401k with current employer. my next employer does not have the option to start 401k until after one year of service.i am looking for options to rollover my 401k to a IRA in a company. does anyone have any recommendations?thanks in advance

    I still have my 401K from my old job that I quit about 3 yrs back into the same (company's) account. The reason I didn't roll them into IRA is that I prob would have made the same selection of mutual funds that I currently have in my 401K. The company is stable so no worries there. Point is, move your money only if you think it will serve you a better purpose or else wait for your new 401K to kick in and after that just roll over the other account directly into the new one...

    Just my 2 cents, of course...

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