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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Sakthisagar
    05-03 02:02 PM
    Making Legals also Illegals.

    For the past 10 to 13 years people are waiting on the EB category Queue, and they are all tax payers as same as US Citizen.

    some of them are in H1B status, in this economy it is not necessary that they should always have a job, so if the congress

    is not acting on the Immigration bill as soon as possible, they are making the Legals also Illegals pretty soon, with the

    USCIS nasty memo for the Employer-Employee relationship, getting an H1 extension became another Oil spill in the Gulf Coast!

    This is not a joke, and politicians care little about this, because they cannot manipulate anything here, This is the year and time
    to pass immigration bill. If not then immigration issue may not see light.

    What about great Indian origin media tycoons Sanjay Gupta & Fareed Sakaria, why cant they make a issue on the media about this.

    All Indian origins except some bunch of people, are waste and just eat, drink & be merry caes, and they don't care for anything.

    Keeping the finger cross and waiting for the immigration bill introduced in congress as soon as possible at least before May 31st 2010. Even the home country of some of us here, India, with a puppet government and corrupted politicans can do nothing about this. :mad::o:eek:

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-23 07:42 PM
    Just read this on another forum.....


    Where does that put us considering the house bill didn't even make it to markup today?

    I thought it was E-verify and our bill with some sunset bills. Now he excluded those things and added last item which Republicans never supports. So he is making this as suicide bill . This is all about politics. See how they turned back in last minutes. Now they created a image of Immi friendly but eventually they didn't fight for us. Bob was Anti in beginning and he introduce recapture so get our support now after becoming popular among us and our friends , relatives he is officially not stopping bill but killing it.

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  • colemancol
    12-09 02:16 PM
    You can not (lawfully) re-enter on an H1B, as you're out of status. If you get caught lying at the border, you will be turned back and will likely be permanently barred from entering the U.S. You'll want to re-enter on an H4 visa - you dont need an H4 petition, although obviously you'll need to qualify for the H4, so be prepared to document your spouse's H1 approval and valid status.
    Are you stating that you were laid off (thus overstaying), or that you were benched without pay (meaning your employer should have been paying you)? With more than 90 days out-of-status, you may have triggered a period of ineligibility to re-enter the U.S.
    Given the apparent overstay issue, I suggest consulting an immigration lawyer.
    Hope you find these information valuable.

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  • webm
    03-12 10:02 AM
    I dont see any rule set for AP renewals..But on a safer side 120 days in advance and based on your travel needs..


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  • quizzer
    12-12 01:45 PM
    Ask your lawyer or company HR to talk to USCIS and they will file a Service Request (SR).

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  • kpsm88
    11-12 04:16 PM
    We will be travelling to India and are looking to book Visa appointment. In Mumbai only first week of december is available. As we have to mail the documents, first week of december is not an option for us.

    Has the Mumbai consulate opened the dates for December 2nd week and further or has the appointments been booked?


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  • HalfDog
    03-26 12:54 PM
    Pretty neat.

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  • shana04
    01-26 12:29 PM
    Hi. I just e-filed my I-539, status of change request from F-1 to H-4. I just found out that I chose "North Korea" for my citizenship, while it was supposed to be "South Korea". I chose "South Korea" for the passport issuance country.

    How can I fix this? Should I attach a letter explaining this, when sending the supporting documents? What else supporting documents should I submit, other than my husband(H-1)'s paystub, I-129 approval notice and our marriage certificate?

    Thanks in advance.

    you need to write a covering letter describing your mistake and mention all the supporting documents

    Supporting documents can be
    1. your passport
    2. your husband passport with your name mentioned on it
    3. your birth certificate
    4. your educational certificate (if it specifies your country of birth)

    I would suggest to send at least two or three supporting documents which shows your date of birth.

    In fact I did the same problem and I had to send the supporting documents.

    good luck.


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  • masti_Gai
    09-11 09:10 AM
    :( Might be out by Friday for sure:rolleyes:

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  • bostonian28
    02-20 01:12 PM
    So TSC advanced by 1 week in 1 month or so ? I wonder how many cases they have appoved in the last month or so.


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  • theshiningsun
    08-03 09:42 PM
    thx for the update.

    can u plz let me know which visa would be applicable to this category if not J-1?

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  • dummgelauft
    04-13 11:21 AM
    Hey, Your category has always been current. What are you doing on this forum.
    Looks like this guy is from an anti-immigrant group.


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  • mnkaushik
    08-07 09:31 AM
    You will have to redo your LC, I 140 and I 485. But you can port your priority date from the earlier application.

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  • martinvisalaw
    04-13 12:06 PM
    I wish this could be more easy.
    That's why people hire lawyers to help them! The 864 is especially tricky.

    The person being sponsored does not need to sign the I-864A as a household member, unless you have family immigrating with you. The whole reason for using an 864A is to show that a "household member" agrees to be a joint sponsor. By definition, a household member must live in the same house, i.e. have the same address.

    Provide whatever documents you have to show that you have the same address, but considering having a lawyer help you, since this is a bit of a mess.


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  • sreenivas11
    08-28 09:33 AM
    Hi pd04
    when did your checks encashed?

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  • aguy
    07-21 07:18 PM

    thanks to everyone here for the kind input, I am almost done with my GC application under NIW. Since I have a load of documents for primary evidence,
    how should I arrange them and where should I mention the "table of contents" so to speak. I have a detailed cover letter also.



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  • tabletpc
    11-27 09:44 AM
    Guys i have few questions and would really apprecite if you could help me the best of your knowledge.

    1. I saw my 3 years extension of h1b has been approved. I am now thinking of going for stamping. Earlier i had been to canada for stamping as at that time getting appointment at indian consualte was difficult. How soon can i get at chennai consualte?? I heard for NRI's they give diferent priority ..is it true..???
    Whats the website to schedule the appointment at indian consulate..???Is it dizyy to get stamping in chenna..???I have a US MS degree in CS.

    2. My online status says H1B is approved and aproval notice sent. I shoudl also get an new I94 right..???there were few conserns for my attorney when we filed application..so want to make sure everything is proper before i start thinking of next step..(stamping and all).

    I would really apprecite if you get share your views on my concern.

    Thanks ina dvance...

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  • dassumi
    11-08 12:22 PM
    Reminded me of an incident when I was a teenager, a budding cricketer and was a huge fan of Nike sports shoes. I would see these uncles with big paunches wearing Nike and would think that the world is unfair that people like me don't get to wear Nike while random uncles do. Completely random thought!!!!

    The point being - the situation we are in, we hope that our plight should be a discussion point in every conversation that India and US ensue in. It crossed my mind a couple of times that we should have pushed for it. State of mind I guess.

    Do you think anyone will even mention (hopefully get solutions) the eb backlogs to the President when he is touring India? Do you think anything good might come out of it for us?

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  • Sakthisagar
    05-13 12:19 PM
    One of the reason may be L1 is misused very badly by body shoppers from all over the world.. example software companies ..

    In case the person dont get H1B they will apply on L1 and get the green card fast, and also some guys come here on visit visa B1 Visa.

    Meanwhlle genuine people here waitng for more than 10 years under Employment Based category.

    02-06 06:00 PM
    I filed my I-485 in July 07 at Nebraska service center and my wife had her finger printing done a month or so ago but I am yet to get the notice. Is there some number I can call and check. My Lawyer is very uncooperative in this case.

    12-19 12:03 PM
    Hi All,

    Here is my question.
    I was working for employer A.I left employer A on Nov 15 , I received my last paycheck from employer on Nov 22, 2007.
    I know my employer A did not revoke / cancel my H1b.

    I accepted offer from employer B on Nov 20.I came in communication with employer B lawyers on Nov 23.I am based in one state and work
    in another state.Lawyer got all the documents from me on Nov 25,Then she said , we will have to get prevailing wages from two states , and she
    send the request for them.We received prevailing wages from states on Dec 11.Then she sent my H1b transfer petetion to USCIS on Dec 14.I received
    the receipt from USCIS on Dec 18.

    Will my H1b get transferred , or will I have any issues.


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