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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • vishwak
    08-18 08:24 AM
    We still in negotiation. not come to a stage where EAD has been asked for. i am wondering what else could they ask for other than EAD like do they need to provide any proof that they will sponsor my green card or do i need to file AC21 in advance.

    It all depends on Company. Most of the companies they just see EAD and take you.
    If that company has dedicated IMM people and IMM knowledge they might ask you for more information and they just want to make sure they don't need to support you when needed.
    You know it all depends and varies form company to company.

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  • miguy
    06-16 08:34 AM

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  • mmk123
    01-15 08:50 AM
    Here is something we really should watch closely. US senate race in Massachusetts between Democrat Coakley and Republican Brown. They are fighting for the vacant seat of Hon. Late Senator Ted Kennedy. Now, people would think, why a race in mass. matter? It's a completely blue state, and had no republican senator in last 40 yrs, obviously a democrat would win. The election is on tuesday and the ground reality seems to suggest something else.

    This seat is crucial for President and Democrats as it is the much coveted 60th seat in the senate to get a filabuster-proof majority which democrats have enjoyed so far. It is critical for healthcare reform as well as for immigration reform (if at all it comes).

    The gap between both the candidates was narrow with democrat leading but today, for the first time, polls indicate that Brown has taken lead over Coakley. People in this blue state seem to increasingly support Brown, mainly frustrated because of healthcare policies. Mass residents already have a healthcare related tax to help run state's universal health care. On top of that, federal health overall would be adding more taxes on people and people fear that they will end paying both. Already, mass is a very high tax state. So, there is an increasing popularity to tax-related fiscal conservative campaign run by Brown.

    This is surely gonna be a nail-biter; so let's wait and watch this one. Election is coming tuesday.

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  • sonia_sd
    09-21 12:36 PM
    Hello all,

    For past few months I hear some noice on the web that USCIS may be changing its policy soon by discontinuing Concurrent filing and allowing people to file I485 If I140 is approved irrespetive of visa number availability. How far this is true, have any body got more details on this ?? :confused:


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  • Harryvins
    03-22 01:46 PM
    I have a valid H4 stamping till Sept 2010. I got my H1B approved last year(2009) and COS from H4 to H1 approved. My H1B was effective October 1, 2009. Due to recession, I still have not been able to find a job. Now I want to change my status back to H4.

    As I have a valid H4 stamping on my passport, can I travel across the border to Mexico, surrender my H1B I94 and reenter the US with a new H4 I94? Is that possible? Can that be done on the same day? Or should I apply for a COS - Form I539 and get it done here?

    Please respond at the earliest.


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  • ronhira
    10-07 03:18 PM
    btw don't shoot me..... i'm just a messenger..... here is more information



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  • madmonkey
    08-24 07:00 PM
    Have you tried contacting your local congressman or senator's office? Many times, a request to take action on a pending case from a congressman's office has much better effect than a service request or infopass.

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  • gprx100
    07-19 06:45 PM
    Is the Labor approval considered same as PERM approval?


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  • bskrishna
    02-16 03:34 PM
    I do not know if this has been posted on this forum..
    But some of the testimonials are interesting for Students & STEM based EB applicants..

    This is from Immigration-law:

    02/14/2008: House Subcommittee Hearing on Status of Visas & Policies on Foreign Students and Scholars on February 7, 2008

    The House had this important hearing that can have an impact on the employment-based immigration issues relating to the STEM foreign graduates in research and higher learning institutions. It is suggested that the EB immigrants in STEM to review the testimonies of witnesses in this hearing.
    Purpose and Summary of the Subject
    Testimonies of Witnesses:
    :: Opening Statements by Rep. Brian Baird
    :: Witness Statements ::
    Mr. Tony Edson
    Ms. Catheryn Cotten
    Dr. Harvey Fineberg
    Dr. Allan E. Goodman
    Under the current political environment and a long pause in the employment-based immigration legislation issues in the Hill, this is indeed an important news in that at least the Congress is giving attention to the predicament the research and higher learning institutions are facing owing to the failure of the do-nothing Congress and the Administration to act on the matter.

    Link to the congressional comittee website..


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  • bombay_rail
    01-13 02:43 AM

    I am in my 6th year H1B which is getting expired on Feb 20th 2007. My I140 is approved couple of months back. My employer has applied for the H1B Extension for 3 years on Jan 8th. According to the current status, I will not get my H1B extension papers until March 2007.

    My work contract with the client is getting over by Feb 28 and the chances of extension are almost zero. Since my relation with my employer is on a contractual basis, any thing can happen once my work contract is over.

    Question 1:

    How does it work if I loose the job before the approval of my H1B (I will have the receipt notice) and also I have to change the employer at the same time?
    Can some one let me know about this?

    Question 2:

    Due to the above confusion, I am debating with me, should I file the H1B extension in premium process or not?
    The reason for this thought is, if I loose the job I have to search only for the job and need not to worry about the legalities. I simply have to transfer the H1B to the new employer.

    What about the expert�s opinion on this?

    Any advices on this would be much appreciated.


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  • vidyas_m
    04-27 10:50 AM
    Thank you for the positive info, QuintonBermuda.

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  • smmri
    04-04 06:35 AM
    I have an old H1B visa with approval date December 19, 2000. I moved to US in Jan 2001 and spend only 2 months in USA in total. Stay outside USA from Mar 2001 until now.

    Can I apply for the remaining time against my initial six-year period of admission and will be exempted from the cap?


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  • nvrao2104
    07-01 03:17 PM
    Thanks for the nice response. I am glad that i found some direction after your reply.

    so what will happen if we apply for COS from company A L1 -> company B H1B, then in between the process i got laid off from Company A? Will the COS get approved? will able to ever work on H1b with Company B ?


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  • BharatPremi
    04-13 01:11 PM
    Perhaps you may be right. I have not digged that much ....But I will go through that in detail..

    Some respectable names in the members list...
    I donot think that these people are directly responsible for creating the issue in the first place....It is a reactive response to the anti-immigrant postures of many candidates...Also people like are us are not eligible to donate to immigrantList...Only citizens or premanant residents can contribute to immigrantList.....


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  • sugaur
    12-23 05:08 PM
    169000 prosecutions, from estimate 12 million illegals. Lets see, around 0.01% !!! And please note the headline "IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT THROUGH THE ROOF"
    Another biased article designed to garner support for illegal immigration while trying to lull others into thinking that there is a crack down against illegals!!!

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  • sanju
    12-09 12:20 AM
    This one is even better




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  • kirupa
    12-24 05:27 AM
    Hi tanlee!
    Since you are running Expression Blend 3, you can just open the Page.xaml.cs C# file directly inside Blend itself and write your code.

    Kirupa :)

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  • gc_dega_gandhigiri
    03-05 08:44 PM

    Have a question on EAD/H1b. I am joining a new company using AC21 and EAD. Lets say after few months if INS denies my GC application then will I be able to transfer my h1b. Basically I got the info that I can re-capture my unused period of H1b out of 6 years. Is that true ?


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  • fullhouse
    08-23 01:18 PM
    I am dependent on our GC application. We had provided initial Finger prints in July 2007. I got an FP notice in 2009 and have just received another FP notice for next week. Meanwhile, the primary applicant on our application has not recd any biometrics appt since the 07 initial set.
    Is there anything to be concerned about?

    Same thing happened to my wife, but I received only once after filing 485 in 2007. Apparently, USCIS is unable to refresh my wife's FP automatically after 15 months (got this from infopass). Also, I have seen this happening to NSC-CSC-NSC transferred applications and we are one of them. No worries our 485 was approved last week.


    03-13 06:53 PM
    I refer you again to our posting guidelines. Individual cases and advice are better discussed on other portals such as Immigration Portal.

    Good luck with your problem,


    05-12 08:02 AM
    I should mentioned the Customer service number too. it is in the link also. One of the option when you dial in, is for "Change of address".

    Applicants and Petitioners with pending cases should telephone customer service at 1-800-375-5283 to report their change of address and get the address on the pending application/petition changed.

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